IBM System/36 Consulting

MBMA Corporation does IBM AS/400 Advanced/36 consulting for select clients. We have been doing System/36 programming since 1986 and continue to serve those who select to continue use of these legacy systems. Programming primarily in RPG IV, and using all available enhancements available on the system, we work in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Manufacturing Planning, Order Entry, Order Processing and more.

While we have written entire systems from the ground up, we excel in adding enhancements to existing software systems. If you have an Advanced/36 and need a program updated or changed, give us a call, that is what we do best, and at competitive rates.

We have extensive experience in industries including manufacturing, banking, hatcheries, foundries, trucking and transportation, collections, distribution, warehousing and more. We have done enhancements including EDI, state cigarette sales tracking, UPC coding, PC file upload & downloads and many others.

Other items we can help with include automated system backups, file cleanup, data export to other systems, system configuration, etc.

We can travel anywhere in the country if needed.
Please call for more information and ask for Mark