ubalm – The Salon quality skin care line

ûbalm unscented hydrating cream

Our ûbalm skin care line is a high end product developed with professional salons and other high end establishments in mind.


To create ubalm, we took the very best qualities of original udder balm and built on it to produce the highest quality product available. ûbalm uses 100% organic Aloe-Vera, and other high quality ingredients, all made in the USA where possible.  We then added a hypo-allergenic formula with no dye and no fragrance, and a lighter night-time hydrating formula with a light baby-powder scent.

We believe that our product line is far above the quality of the competition, and we hold our distributors to a higher standard as well. ûbalm is currently marketed directly to the general public at venues such as home & garden shows, women’s expo’s, craft fairs and all types of shows attracting volumes of people, by a select group of independent distributors.

It can also be found in select beauty salons around the country.


You can find more information and where to purchase ûbalm at www.ubalm.com